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freedomRail® Garage

freedomRail® Garage is the only complete garage solution on the market.  The product is incredible strong, adjustable and versatile.  You will receive the benefits of the freedomRail product line along with Classica style cabinets if you choose.  In addition, the Activity Organizer was created too complete the freedomRail line of products.  Your garage  can finally be organized.  Below is a partial list of items that puts freedomRail Garage in a class by its self:

  • Mounted using a hanging rail system with Schultes patented Strong-Loc Anchor system that will not fail.
  • Truely adjustable - left/right and up/down.
  • Remove all of your belongings form the garage floor.
  • Strong counter tops to work on.
  • Activity Organizer with 17 different options to hold everything you need.
  • Hooks with patented locks that will keep them in place.
  • Grip Everything Hook with lock to prevent any item from being jarred loose.
  • Classica series floor mounted cabinets.
  • Leading edge software to create a customized garage for you.

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